Naked Kids - Christmas Sucks (Without You)

Naked Kids Christmas Song

Christmas is such a beautiful time of the year and to show just how festive we are, we wrote a Christmas Song for Nice People Records 2011 Holiday Compilation. 

Check out the whole comp at:

Free download of just the song at:

Cat nap practice

Cat nap practice

Stolen Gear!!!

Last week, all of Nik’s gear was stolen out of his 89’ Honda Accord in Los Angeles. He lost an early 90’s Fender mexican strat (his first guitar), the Silverton Bobkat that he used during all of Fresh Meat shows, various boutique and rare pedals he’s collected over 10 years, and all of his cords and microphones. 

This is a total bummer! But, life moves on….

We’re writing and working on the next release. We are about 7 songs into it and its awesome! 

We actually wrote a holiday (Christmas) song that is being released on the “2011 Holiday Compilation” from Nice People Records. We’ll post it on our bandcamp and link it here when its released!!!

Fresh Meat available free digitally with extra song “Rudy” not available on the cassette. If your interested in purchasing Fresh Meat on cassette, send us a message. It’s only $5.00!